Sony wants to bring back Netflix’s Kingpin in Spider-man 4

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Sony is planning to bring back Vicent D ‘Onofrio as Kingpin for a fourth Spider-man movie

Tom Holland’s contract to play Spider-Man for Sony and Marvel Studios expires after the premiere of No Way Home in December, but the actor has already made it clear that he is willing to stay as long as it takes. However, looking at what we know about the upcoming trequel, this one might be hard to beat.

The protagonist has described No Way Home as the most ambitious indie superhero film ever made, with various rumors pointing to the appearance of the ominous six multiversal making their way into the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, forcing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to team up with the Spider-man, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

A fourth installment couldn’t be expected to get any bigger than this one, so perhaps narrowing the focus would be the smartest move for an eventual Spider-Man 4. To that end, we now hear from the same people who revealed that Ben Affleck would be returning. as Batman in The Flash Long before it was confirmed that Sony wants Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin as the big bad.

Vicent D ‘Onofrio would be delighted to return

The Netflix star has made it clear on more than one occasion that all it would take to get back is a phone call and he would don the white Wilson Fiske suit he would run away, while he has been heavily touted for his comeback for the past year or so. or less. Interestingly, Sony controls the character’s movie rights while Marvel is in charge of his television appearances, so Spider-Man 4 or a Sony-associated movie is the most likely way for D’Onofrio to return to the big screen as the infamous Marvel villain, but he would still be free to appear in the series Marvel Studios is producing on Disney +. Interestingly, his co-star, Charlie Cox, could appear before him in the MCU in No way home and even in She-Hulk.

Would you like to see the Kingpin played by Vicent D ‘Onofrio again.

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