SONY wants to sign Zack Snyder for their Spider-Man movies

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SONY quiere fichar a Zack Snyder para sus pelĂ­culas de Spider-Man

Although we see Spider-Man in Marvel Studios, the character still belongs to SONY and they want Zack Snyder to handle some of their characters.

Director Zack Snyder It will always be very controversial because there are as many people who love his movies as there are who hate them. Therefore, all his projects will quickly become trending and will attract both fans and haters. Now SONY wants to sign him to manage a character from Marvel related to Spider-Man.

After the success of Venom (2018) that exceeded 856 million dollars, have already prepared the sequel that will be titled Venom: There will be slaughter (2021) and we can also see Morbius, the living vampire (2022). But there are plans for Kraven the hunter interpreted by Aaron Taylor-Johnson Y Spider-Woman directed by Olivia Wilde. Not forgetting, the old dream of SONY to adapt the story of the six accidents.

Now the movie studio wants to Zack Snyder and they intend to give him carte blanche to do whatever he wants. So they will leave you the entire catalog of characters to create your own story if you finally sign with them. As the director is in a very bad time with Warner Bros, everything suggests that he will not do Justice league 2, leaving the story in half. That is why you could jump to another franchise without any problem, in fact it has already been rumored that LucasFilm is also behind Zack Snyder to make a movie of Star Wars. Auqnue has sometimes commented that he likes to create Cinematographic Universes from scratch and not join an existing one.

The director has several projects underway.

While SONY tries to convince him to make a movie with a character related to Spider-Man, director Zack Snyder will be in charge of supervising the animation tapes of Netflix titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Y Twilight of the Gods. But also, he intends to do the drama Horse Latitudes and a story about him King Arthur. Without forgetting his old desire to adapt the novel El manantial (The Fountainhead) de Ayn Rand de 1943.

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