Soon you will be able to hide private data from some of your contacts on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp It is the most popular messaging app for years despite the fact that it has been criticized many times for its lack of privacy and security. Over time, we have seen how the company has been working to improve certain details in this regard and to this day, it continues to do so. Specifically, as revealed WABetaInfo, WhatsApp would already have in development a new option that will surely be to the liking of most users of the application.

It is the option that allows hide from certain contacts in the app. Currently, within the privacy settings we find the options that allow us to indicate who we want to see our last connection time, profile photo, information or status. For each of these options it is possible to indicate if we want it to be visible to everyone, only our contacts or that no one can see it.

Hide information from certain contacts on WhatsApp

Well, a new one would be added to these options very soon, “My contacts except …”. As its name suggests, here we could select those contacts from which we want to hide, that is, those who will not be able to see our last connection time, or the profile photo, information or status. A kind of black list of contacts that we do not want to have access to this information.

Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to hide it from everyone or that there are certain people who can see it so that others can also do it. Undoubtedly, a great option that was already missed within the privacy settings and that, everything indicates that lwill be coming soon to the messaging application.

From WABetaInfo they publish a screenshot with this new option, which apparently is already implemented and in tests for both the version of the app in iOS and Android. Although the screenshot is from the iOS version, the source of this news indicates that it will also be introduced in WhatsApp for Android.

Therefore, it only remains to wait for this novelty that allows us to hide private information from certain contacts arrives through one of the updates of the messaging application and we can begin to enjoy it. From that moment on, we can choose who of our contacts you will not be able to see all this personal information offered by the app itself without having to block anyone and being able to be in contact through the tool normally.


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