Soon you will be able to send your photos as stickers or stickers on WhatsApp

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We have been a hectic September when it comes to the new functions that will be incorporated WhatsApp to the popular messaging app. Functions that for the most part have already reached the beta version and therefore could soon be available in the stable version for everyone. Once again, it is the WABetaInfo site that reveals the next intentions of the application and in this case, everything indicates that very soon we could send our photos as stickers or stickers to our family and friends.

If we open WhatsApp and look at the type of messages that most predominate in all our chats, we will agree that messages with photos and stickers predominate. WhatsApp knows it and hence you want to add this attractive function to the application.

So you can send photos as stickers on WhatsApp

As detailed in the information provided by WABetaInfo, this option would have reached the beta version of WhatsApp for desktop, in which a button that appears when sending a photo has been added and that is the one that takes care of convert that image into sticker. In a few moments it will be sent in sticker format. That is, even if the image has larger dimensions, when it becomes a sticker, it will also be reduced in size to that of the famous WhatsApp stickers.

The truth is that it is a function that will surely be received with open arms by the majority of users, especially by those who already make use of this practice. And it is that today it is possible to send photos as stickers thanks to the use of external applications. Therefore, this will make our lives much easier, since it would be integrated into the messaging application itself and It would not be necessary have other tools.

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Therefore, the operation could not be easier so that everyone can do it in the most comfortable way possible. Of course, the function of being able to send photos as stickers is, at the moment, available only for the WhatsApp desktop version and it seems that there is still no trace of it in its version for iOS or Android.

Soon you will be able to send your photos as stickers or stickers on WhatsApp

Taking this into account, we could see how it becomes available before for WhatsApp Desktop and we would have to wait a little longer to be able to do it from the mobile. Of course, we will be attentive to any news regarding this function and WhatsApp’s intentions for bring it to the mobile version.


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