Soup from Biden to Pedro Sánchez

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The 29-second walk of Pedro Sánchez with Joe Biden was sold by Moncloa as proof of the nine that Spain was beginning a new international stage in which the social-communist government would assert its influence. Half a minute with which the chief executive tried to sell that Spain had reaffirmed its leading role on the international scene. Well, at the first change, Biden has put Sánchez a slap of those that make time. The new Conference on Libya will be held in Berlin on June 23 and 24 and Spain will not participate in it. And who will participate will be Morocco at the express request of the United States.

In the last two international summits in which decisive issues regarding terrorism or immigration mafias have been debated, Spain has not been present. The first was also held in the German capital and revolved around the Libyan crisis, with crucial issues for Spain: the advance of jihadism and pressure from radical Islamism on the opposite shore of the Mediterranean. Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Italy, the United Kingdom and Egypt, among other nations, attended. No sign of Spain, despite the fact that what was discussed there affected us directly. The second of the meetings in which Spain was ignored had the objective of dealing with the reform of the Schengen area and the reinforcement of border control systems exteriors, just one of the main problems of Spain, immersed at that time in a new crisis of the boats.

The third on the forehead will come to us in a few days, when our country will once again be left out of a summit that, due to our geographical situation, affects us directly, of course much more than the United Kingdom, unless Sánchez sells that Libya is more closer to the North Sea than the Mediterranean. Who will be is Morocco, at the express request of Biden. 29 seconds of propaganda to continue making a fool of yourself.

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