South Los Angeles taco stands targeted by same armed robbery suspects

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Los Angeles Experiences Surge in Organized Crime Targeting Latinos

Los Angeles is currently facing a disturbing wave of organized crime, with Latinos being the primary victims. In a series of incidents, four taco stands were targeted and robbed at gunpoint, prompting police to investigate whether the crimes are connected.

During the attacks, the vendors were shocked to find themselves at the mercy of armed assailants. One affected vendor shared their experience with Telemundo 52, saying, “They didn’t tell us anything, not a word. That’s when we realized, when they drew the gun, that it was an assault. They just took out the gun and we already released the money.”

The robberies took place in South Los Angeles between Avalon Blvd. and 51st Street, Vernon Avenue and McKinley Avenue, South Central Avenue and 43 Place, and Ascot Avenue and 51st Street.

Another victim, who chose to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, recounted, “We were here working and three people came and took our guns, took our money and left. Three people, one Latino and two brown.”

In one instance, it was reported that the suspects stole approximately $700. However, the police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the crimes.

Additional Robbery Incident in Boyle Heights

Adding to the string of robberies, a fifth incident occurred in a taco shop located at Soto Street and City View in the Boyle Heights area on a Monday night. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the suspects managed to escape with approximately $2,000 in cash.

While the authorities have not made any arrests, they do have a profile of the suspects based on the victims’ descriptions, which share similarities.

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