South Park: Kristen Schaal talks about how she was fired from the show’s writing team a month later

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Kristen Schaal; He’s had a lot of success thanks to the hits Flight of the Conchords, Bob’s Burgers and other comedy hits. However, he was fired within a month while he was on the writing team at South Park in 2007.

The Daily BeastIn an interview with , Schaal talked about his time on South Park’s writing team. “I was constantly giving opinions. I had never been in the writers room before. So I was at the point of staying here. I kept saying, ‘Well, how is this? How about this one?’ I was in the mood. But that’s not how it works.”

Schaal said that he came to work as a fan who loves South Park and that got him very excited. But there is tremendous power behind it. I grew up in Colorado. I went to the University of Colorado. So I was very excited.”

However, his experience did not last long. “I was there for a month and I was told that I talk too much.”

The fact that South Park’s movie came to the fore in 2007 didn’t work either, Schaal didn’t have much to do with movies anyway. Schaal continues:

“I couldn’t get there, so I kept presenting something. Looking back, yes I was fired. But now I can work in the writers room listening to everybody. I was very excited to be there at the time.”

But in the end everything ended well. Schaal said he doesn’t hold a grudge against creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. But it felt really bad to hear that he was fired. From appearing on The Daily Show to voicing Louise Belcher at Bob’s Burgers, Schaal seems to have sought and found success elsewhere.

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Returning to South Park, the series is still ongoing. Stone and Parker announced that the series could continue until its 30th season.

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