South Park will have its own channel on Pluto TV totally free

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South Park It is one of the most successful animated series that television has given. Created by Trey Parker Y Matt Stone, premiered in 1997 through the channel Comedy Central and almost immediately it became a phenomenon for the young people of that time. So much so that it has already been on the air for 24 seasons and with at least two more to premiere in approximately 2022. And if you are a big fan, we have great news for you. Is that the series will have its exclusive and free channel on the platform Pluto TV. We tell you all the details so you can enjoy this incredible opportunity.

South Park comes to Pluto TV with a free and exclusive channel

Prepare kick drums and cymbals because Stan, Kyle, Cartman y Kenny they will come to your house with unforgettable adventures. Is that from this Tuesday, July 6, the animated series South Park will have an exclusive channel in Latin America on Pluto TV. It will be channel 511 and there you can relive all the episodes of this great animated program that won a Emmy.

But that will not be all. For Spanish-speaking channels, it also arrives Pluto TV Recipes (Channel 555), an ideal channel for those who are passionate about cooking and unique flavors from different parts of the world. So you can start trying recipes with ingredients from hundreds of countries.

Pluto TV will also have available the exclusive channel of the famous series Ripley’s Believe it or Not! (Channel 268). Now the show is back, as the show travels the world profiling the strange, intriguing, and mysterious people, places, and events. It must be said that everything will happen in the new installment and the protagonists will face episodes that will give something to talk about.

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Pluto TV is a streaming platform that, in this way, already has 94 totally free channels so that users can watch at any time of the day throughout Latin America. At the same time, the service is also growing in Brazil, where it already has 46 active channels.


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