Sowing of soybean 2022/23 part with good moisture level in Brazilian state of Paraná: AgRural

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Producers in the southwest and west of the Brazilian state of Parana have started planting soybeans for the 2022/23 cycle, consultancy AgRural said on Monday, taking advantage of “good humidity levels” in one of the largest producing regions. of the oilseed in Brazil.

According to AgRural, the producers began to work after the so-called sanitary vacuum ended on Saturday. “Until now, however, the works are limited to small areas,” said AgRural.

In the state of Mato Grosso, producers expect the end of the sanitary vacuum – a period in which soybean cultivation is prohibited to prevent the proliferation of the rust fungus – on September 15, in addition to better weather conditions.

According to AgRural, temperatures in Brazil’s main producing state “are very high and humidity is still quite low.”

AgRural also said that the 2022/23 summer planting reached 17% of the estimated area for central-south Brazil last Thursday, up from 16% in the same period last year.

“The work continues to be concentrated in the three southern states, as is traditional at this time of year, and now the weather and crop development conditions are good.”

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