Space Perspective: “Luxurious” excursions into the stratosphere can be reserved

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The US company Space Perspective is now allowing interested parties to reserve spaces in capsules, which are to fly into the stratosphere from 2024 hanging on balloons. For 125,000 US dollars per person you should then be able to admire the curvature of the earth from a height of 30 kilometers and enjoy “breathtaking” views for two hours. With this, many more people could soon experience the life-changing prospects from space, explains Space Perspective. Although 30 kilometers are well below the various limits into space – at 100 kilometers (International Aeronautical Association) or 50 miles or around 80 kilometers (US Air Force) – you still hover over 99 percent of the earth’s atmosphere there.

Space Perspective had presented the plans last year and, with the opening of the pre-order phase, will now probably benefit from the growing interest in tourist flights into space. While the competition from Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic is relying on rockets or rocket gliders for their own projects, journeys in the stratospheric capsules called “Spaceship Neptune” should be much more pleasant. The company explains that the “luxurious flights” will take a total of six hours and carry a maximum of eight people in addition to the pilot. In addition to the panoramic windows installed around the cabin, they also have a bar and toilet at their disposal. Only minimal preparations are required for the trips, and the physical demands on the guests in the pressurized cabin are not high either.

(Bild: Space Perspective)
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The reservations are now released just a few days after the first test flight of the “Spaceship Neptune” capsule on a stratospheric balloon. That succeeded on June 18th and also enabled the first pictures and videos of the view that will be offered from the capsules. The test flight took place without a crew, but cameras recorded impressions. It lasted a total of six hours and 39 minutes and led from “Space Coast Air and Spaceport” in Titusville, Florida, about 80 kilometers from the coast. Accordingly, the targeted 30 kilometers altitude was also reached. The first test will now be followed by many more, before the first commercial flights will follow at the end of 2024.


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