Spain, if vaccinated with Pfizer, will not be immunized until the final of the Eurocup

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Spain, if vaccinated with Pfizer, will not be immunized until the final of the Eurocup

The Spanish soccer team will be vaccinated before the Eurocup begins. The Ministry of Health has authorized that the players summoned by Luis Enrique Martínez for the continental championship, as well as the members of the parallel bubble, be inoculated in the coming days.

In principle, They were to be given Janssen’s, as it was a single-dose vaccine and due to the proximity of the appointment. However, it is not recommended for the age range of the players themselves, so the vaccination of Pfizer, which means that they do not acquire immunity until the end.

In the next few hours, the 39 players who are preparing for the Euro 2020 they would receive the first dose of the vaccine. Various studies calculate that, with it, 96% begin to generate antibodies, although immunity is acquired after 12 days and is effective at 52%. It would reach 95% two weeks after the second injection, which would be given 21 days after the first.

That is to say, at the earliest, to the footballers of Spain the vaccine would begin to be effective as of June 22, one day before measuring Slovakia. They would not wear the second until July 1, at the earliest, so until the final, which will be played on July 11 at Wembley, they would not reach that 95% immunity to the coronavirus.

In the case of the players of the Selection, the Janssen vaccine would be more effective, which would allow them to be immune sooner. With it, they would be immune to the coronavirus for the dispute of the round of 16, which begins on June 26, once the group stage is over. However, due to the age range of the members of the expedition, it seems to be ruled out.

A late decision

Luis Rubiales has declared that he has been insisting for several months that footballers be vaccinated before the European Championship, with the aim of avoiding what has happened. The positive of Sergio Busquets, to which the one of Diego Llorente placeholder image, puts at risk the group of players selected by Luis Enrique at first. The chances of more cases are very high, which puts in doubt the debut of the team next Monday and the players who will be in the game against Sweden.

Now him government has decided to give in to the RFEF’s request and agree to vaccinate the expedition. After the request of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Health has given the green light to the vaccination of the Spanish team, as happened with the members of the Olympic team. It will be the army whoever is in charge of attending the concentration that takes place in the Ciudad del Fútbol to supply the vaccines to the members of the expedition, both players and coaching staff, so as not to affect the vaccination plan of the Community of Madrid.

However, the decision to vaccinate comes more than late. Although in the end it has been agreed that the Selection is vaccinated before the start of the Euro 2020, immunity will not come in time. The championship begins next Friday and will last exactly one month, insufficient time for the members of the Spanish expedition to have time to be immune.

Criticisms of the Community of Madrid

With the authorization to vaccinate the internationals, the controversy was served. There are many who see as a privilege the fact that those chosen by Luis Enrique are going to receive the vaccine, skipping the established protocols, since by age it does not yet correspond to them. On the contrary, there are others who consider that, when representing Spain, they must be vaccinated before the championship begins. It is in this position that Minister Uribes has maintained, which contrasts with that of the Madrid’s community.

Enrique Ruiz Escudero placeholder image, Minister of Health – still in office -, has declared that “it does not make any sense” to vaccinate the players of the Spanish team for the European Championship. The approval in the last hours by Minister Darias to give priority to the 41 footballers who could be in this European Championship has been widely criticized by one of the strongest men in the Díaz Ayuso government: «From a clinical point of view, I don’t know if it makes sense And even more so when we have made proposals to contemplate having vaccinated some chronic patients, which we understood was a higher priority ”.

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