Spain will require a negative covid-19 test for travelers from China

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The Government has decided to reinforce controls at Spanish airports and will require passengers from China to test negative for covid-19 or a complete vaccination schedule and although there is still no date to implement this measure, the device is already prepared.

In a press conference, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, recalled that as of January 8, the current restrictions on travelers will no longer be in force, “which is why a significant increase in passengers from China worldwide is expected” and has made it clear that vaccines must be recognized by the World Health Organization.

Darias stressed that the “main focus of concern” is the possible appearance of new variants and has considered “key” the current moment to strengthen the sequencing capacity.

He insisted on the importance of acting with “coordination and speed” and reported that, at the European level, the need to review the recommendation to request the digital covid certificate or equivalent to travelers from China as a guarantee of safety for all, for which it is in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, will be promoted.

Darias has opted to improve information, increase surveillance and especially sequencing because “these three instruments have been key in the fight against the pandemic and continue to be key, especially in the face of possible new variants”.

The minister also explained that to implement these controls at airports, “the necessary steps” are being taken in coordination with Aena to carry out antigen tests on passengers from that country.

And he has stressed that what there is at the moment is “maximum occupation, active surveillance and anticipation of possible scenarios. These are lessons learned from the pandemic.”

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