Spanish island names for Apple’s new Mac processors: M1 La Palma

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Since the end of last summer, the Spanish island of La Palma has become infamous around the world. Sadly for the volcano that has awakened and continues to roar. La Palma is on everyone’s lips, even Apple, which apparently has used this name to name one of its three new processors for its Mac computers.

M1 Pro and M1 Max La Palma

According “Internal sources” have told The Information website, Apple has already finalized the second generation of processors for Mac, and the third generation is expected to be manufactured with a new 3-nanometer process. Apple has begun to use the names of three Spanish islands internally, La Palma, Ibiza and Lobos, as development names for their new processor models own for Mac computers, which belong to the third generation to succeed the M1 Pro and M1 Max models. Other media like ArsTechnica too they have echoed of this peculiar technical nomenclature.

Thus, these three names are being used to denote the three new chipsets of own production that those of Cupertino are preparing, Apple Silicon’s own processors, which since their debut at the end of 2020 have been replacing Intel chips in their Mac computers-and that they have also given Apple the opportunity to depend less on the manufacturing process of others.


La Palma, Ibiza and Lobos

That Apple was improving the design of its proprietary chipsets looking for better performance for the following models is something that we already expected, but not that the third generation M1 processors had nothing less than the names – at the internal development level – of three Spanish islands: the Canary Islands La Palma and Lobos, and the Balearic Ibiza.

The Lobos and Palma chipsets are intended for the MacBook Pro and “desktop Macs.” A lower performance variant, called Ibiza, would go to iPads and MacBook Air. A future A-series chip for iPhones is also expected to switch to a 3nm process around this time.

Apple’s roadmap projects consistent performance improvements over time across all three generations, which are in active development. But it is said that the third generation will be a particularly momentous leap, something that we will see as early as 2022.


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