Spanish stock market rises 0.10% pending deflator of private consumption in the US

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The Spanish stock market has slightly increased its gains compared to the opening and rises by 0.10%, in a session in which it has already been known that the INE lowered Spain’s growth to 0.1% in the third quarter and in which investors will be aware of the deflator of private consumption in the US.

Minutes after the opening, the Spanish selective, IBEX 35, adds 8.07 points, that 0.10%, and stands at 8,280.17 points.

For their part, European stock markets have started with a mixed trend, and while Frankfurt and Milan rose 0.10% and 0.06%, respectively, Paris fell 0.09% and London, 0.06%.

The Euro Stoxx50, the index on which the main European companies are listed, lost a scant 0.01%.

The main index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Nikkei, fell 1.03% on Friday on lingering fears of monetary tightening in the United States, inflation and weakening demand for semiconductors.

The Nikkei, which groups the 225 most representative titles of the market, fell 272.62 points, to 26,235.25 integers.

Wall Street closed yesterday in red on Thursday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its main indicator, lost 1.05%, after the latest economic data pointed to a strong labor market and faster economic growth than previously thought, raising fears that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will still have room to raise interest rates.

Investors today will be watching for the highlight of the week, the deflator of core private consumption in the US, the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation,

In Spain, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) has reduced to 0.1% the growth of the third quarter, one tenth less than that advanced in October, which confirms the stagnation of the Spanish economy during the summer due to the contraction of business investment and the slowdown in consumption.

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In the IBEX 35, the biggest rise is for ArcelorMittal, with 1.18%, followed by Acerinox, with 1.17%, and Banco Sabadell, with 1.06%.

On the contrary, the biggest falls in the IBEX in the first minutes of the session are recorded by Amadeus, with 1.05 %, and Solaria, with 0.94%.

In the debt market, the interest on the German long-term bond, considered the safest, rises and stands at 2.367%, and the Spanish also advances to 3.439%.

As for raw materials, the Brent oil, a reference in Europe, rises 1.47% to 82.17 dollars in the price of a barrel, and the West Texas Intermediate (WTI), a benchmark in the US, also rose 0.94% to $78.22.

The gold It rises 0.52% and the ounce is at $ 1,804.6.

The euro rose 0.22% to $1.0616.

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