Spanish writer Almudena Grandes dies

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The writer Almudena Grandes, a benchmark in Spanish literature who became known with an erotic novel and in recent years turned the recent history of her country into fiction, died this Saturday in Madrid.

The newspaper El País, where he wrote opinion articles, indicated on Twitter that he died in Madrid at the age of 61 as a result of a cancer that he had already made public.

“We are losing one of the leading writers of our time. Committed and brave, who has narrated our recent history from a progressive perspective,” the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, said on Twitter.

Likewise, the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) dedicated a minute of silence at its opening on Saturday.

“We share the pain of his irreparable departure with his family, with the entire literary community, his friends, his readers,” the FIL organization said on Twitter.

Grandes, born in Madrid on May 7, 1960, became known with the erotic book “The ages of Lulú” (1989) at the age of 28.

That novel caused a scandal and became a bestseller. Shortly after its publication, it was brought to the big screen by another controversial director, Bigas Luna, with Italian Francesca Neri playing Lulu.

Since 2010, Grandes began an ambitious series of novels called “Episodes of an interminable war” on the recent history of Spain, with titles such as “Manolita’s three weddings” (2014), “Doctor García’s patients” (2017) or “The mother of Frankenstein”, published in 2020.

In the first book of that series, “Ines and joy” (2010), Grandes novelized the frustrated attempt of a group of communists exiled in France who wanted to invade Spain by entering the Pyrenees in October 1944 to bring about the fall of the dictatorship. Franco.

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