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Spelunky 2 Confirms Its Release Date On Nintendo Switch; details and price

Spelunky 2 Confirms Its Release Date On Nintendo Switch;  details and price

Sepelunky 2 originally debuted on PC and PS4 during October of last year. A few months ago he confirmed that he would reach Nintendo Switch accompanied by the first installment of the saga, and now we have official confirmation from the studio responsible for both, Mossmouth, on the release date: it will be the Thursday, August 26 the day it lands on the Nintendo eShop. Both titles will be sold separately, priced at € 19.99 for the sequel and € 9.99 for the 2008 game.

Spelunky 2: “the most hardcore game of the decade”

This is how we defined it in our analysis, in which the title obtained a rating of 9.5 out of 10. Our conclusions were as follows: “Spelunky 2 is a devilishly difficult video game, don’t be fooled by its childish aesthetics. Behind this childish facade is hidden a true indie gem who knows how to reward players with enough patience and skill to withstand the hardships he offers us. It’s a very round sequel and everything a marvel when it comes to programming and level design. Some minor errors keep it from absolute excellence, although it is still an outstanding title ”.

The first installment: a cult work

Thirteen years have passed since the premiere of the original title, but time has not been enough for it to fall into oblivion. Spelunky featured prominently during the independent video game boom Thanks to pretty much the same reasons that have made its sequel a highly acclaimed game: roguelike mechanics, complex level design, a mountain of secrets to be found, and a truly challenging experience.

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 will be available next august 26 en Nintendo Switch.

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