Spider-Man 4 is confirmed! Here’s what the creatives at Marvel and Sony had to say

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The premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home has made something very clear: it was not only the most anticipated movie of the year, but also significantly exceeded the expectation of the followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this sense, both Kevin Feige’s company What Sony Pictures started the development of the fourth production of Spider-Man, generating the most crazy reactions and theories from fans.

We will not give spoilers about what happens in the film! However, it should be noted that the film starring Tom Holland Yes, I could easily have a new one sequel. And apparently it will be so, because lThe creative directors of both film studios have confirmed this. The director of Sony had already said, Amy Pascal, days ago. However, the word of Kevin Feige – president of Marvel Studios – has given even more support to the idea.

Although it was something to be expected thanks to the crazy figures that Spider-Man: No Way Home presented in its first three days of release, the surprise is still gratifying. In dialogue with The New York Times, the businessmen did not go around and assured that Peter Parker’s fourth film is in preproduction and that both teams are collaborating to make it the best possible way.

In this regard, Feige explained: “Amy Pascal, Disney, Sony Pictures and I are talking. Yes, we are starting to actively develop where the story is heading next, which I only say openly because I don’t want fans to go through any separation trauma like what happened after Spider-Man: Far From Home”. It is that the second film with Holland as the protagonist released in 2019 turned out to be somewhat conflictive between both companies. “This will not happen this time”, They remarked without giving more details.

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Avoiding giving spoilers about what happens in the feature film recently screened in theaters around the world, Pascal said: “At the end of the movie we just made, you watch spider-man make a momentous decision, one you’ve never seen him take before. It is a sacrifice. And that gives us a lot of work for the next movie”. Feige, for his part, concluded: “Tom Holland is going to show up at some point. The when and where, of course, is the fun and we don’t talk about”.

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