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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ban the film due to transphobia in both countries

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (92%) has come quite far, but it seems that some countries will not give it the opportunity to be screened in their theaters. According to new information from Saudi Cinema and Esquire, the film has been banned in some Middle Eastern countries for including the transgender pride flag in a brief scene; This would not be the first time that this region of the world has made the decision to veto foreign productions in the presence of LGBTQ traits.

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Although Across the Spider-Verse does not stand out for its explicit gender diversity, it does make an interesting effort to address trans representation with the brief appearance of the trans flag in some scenes of Gwen Stacy. The universe of this character is loaded with strong colors that tend to change in relation to the mood of those who inhabit it, among other factors. At the beginning and near the end of the film, we see Gwen in her world, with color palettes ranging from cool to warm; At times, pink and blue stand out, colors that are part of the superheroine’s costume itself, but which have promoted the theory that Stacy is actually a trans girl.

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Spider-Gwen’s room has a transgender flag that says “protect trans kids” (protect trans children), this detail made the LGBTQ community happy and continues to give strength to the idea that Stacy belongs to the group. However, the presence of the flag is causing negative comments in the Middle East and has led countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others to take the decision to ban the tape, this for going “against current content control”.

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