Spider-Man and Doctor Strange hang by a thread after lawsuit against Marvel

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Two of the most important characters in the near future of the MCU, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, were affected by a lawsuit. What are the details of this particular legal situation.

Peter Parker and Stephen Strange will work together on the next Spider-Man film.


© IMDbPeter Parker and Stephen Strange will work together on the next Spider-Man film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) it has villains both in front of and behind the camera. Just like a snap of Thanos it was enough to erase the existence of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, a lawsuit could follow the same steps. The image rights of two of the most important characters in the franchise that began in 2008 with Iron-Man they were affected by a lawsuit.

Peter Parker will reappear in the MCU next to Doctor Strange on Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is also known that the Supreme Sorcerer will have the sequel to his solo movie. But all this will only happen in case Marvel can counteract the lawsuit initiated by the heirs of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Gene Colan. In particular, it is Patrick S. Ditko, the brother of the creator of Peter Parker and Stephen Strange, the one that brought the most headaches to the studio.

From a legal section that allows the owners of an intellectual property to terminate a contract started by a person. For this, they must wait for a period of time that for Doctor Strange and Spider-Man will be fulfilled in 2023. Therefore, in a scenario in which they may suffer similar circumstances with characters such as Iron-Man, Captain America O Black Widow, from Marvel They have already made a counterclaim.

What is the main justification for the study led by Kevin Feige? Apparently, there is a legal vacuum that allows them to proclaim themselves owners of the characters. Under intellectual property law, there are two types of jobs: self-created and commissioned. In the case of the latter, which would enter the superheroes of the MCU, the law considers the owner of the image rights to the person who commissioned the designs, and this could favor the company that belongs to Disney.

What is the worst case scenario if Marvel loses

It is not very clear what the scope of the claim or of a potential ruling in favor of the ditko family. In case the Justice considers that Marvel does not own the image rights, it could lose the origin stories of its characters, as well as some of its key elements. In the case of Doctor StrangeFor example, most of his spells would have to be renamed so as not to break any kind of rule. The same could happen with the characteristic costumes of said characters.

Another option is to increase the royalties that correspond to the family of cartoonists. But in a circumstance of this style, it would only apply to profits obtained in North American territory. In 2013 a similar situation was experienced in which the heirs of Jack Kirby fought, unsuccessfully, for the rights of characters like X-Men, Hulk, Thor and also, Spider-Man. At the time, the Court determined that the works were created to order.

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