Spider-Man craze: create a device that throws cobwebs

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It’s no news that this is one of the best weeks of the year for fans of Marvel Studios. Is that after the official launch of the trailer from Spider-Man: No Way Home, social networks were filled with positive reactions, memes and, how could it be otherwise, the theories to which this saga of Superheros we are used to it. Among the craziest images that users shared, one in particular caught our attention: it is a man who created a device to be like Peter Parker.

JT are the initials of the young man who drives in YouTube a channel with 169,000 subscribers called Built IRL. It is not the first time that we find a great diversity of content to resemble Marvel characters. How to create your own shield Captain America, how to recreate the costumes of Thor or how to simulate the Arc Reactor of Iron Man by way of decoration, these are just some of the ideas shared by users.

However, this youtuber stood out from the rest. JT is an engineer and set out to create a device that throw webs to be able to imitate the movements of Spider-Man. In the first place, he took as referring to James Hobson from Hacksmith Industries, another video-sharing engineer with whom he started the first prototype in 2019. But the person in charge of Built IRL continued working until obtaining a material resistant enough to swing in the air.

In his video, JT details everything about the device (YouTube Built IRL).

Two years later, the Peter Parker fan got it and shared it by way of documentary film all the trials he went through to get it. In his vlog, he detailed everything about the backpack with portable air compressor, the launchers on the wrists, the cable reels that support the weight of his body and some very special gloves to manipulate the mechanism. In the final version, its design features a lighter and a metallic pipe into which compressed propane is pumped.

Built IRL

It works through a metal tube into which compressed propane (YouTube Built IRL) is pumped.

It is experiment allows, then, to launch a cable embedded with metal hooks that are wrapped around a metal beam and they secure JT. In one of his videos he details that in order not to have to load it between each of the activations, he created seven pitchers that is placed on the belt and that you can alternate in its movements. Finally he tested it in a field with dozens of trampolines and trampolines that protect and encourage him to be able to emulate the movements of the character played by Tom Holland. It was a success: he recorded it, shared it on social media and reached million views.

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