Spider-Man: No Way Home Breaks Avengers Endgame Record for Most-Watched Trailer Ever

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The expectation for Spider-Man: No Way Home It is through the roof and is already one of the most anticipated films of recent times. So much so, that even before being released it has already surpassed a record, specifically that of the Most viewed trailer of history in their first 24 hours, brand that so far had another production of Marvel Studios with Avengers Endgame. And it is that the next Spidey movie has accomplished a total of 355.5 million views in just 24 hours; a real madness.

Spider-Man smashes the Avengers record

Thus, Avengers Endgame managed at the time to break all records in numbers of trailer viewings on its first day of publication with a total of 289 million views, a figure that is already overwhelming. But maybe neither Sony Pictures nor his own Marvel Studios expected such figures for the first advance of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

To all this we must add the many leaks that the production has suffered, in addition to the appearance on the internet of a trailer half done the day before and that revealed a good part of the surprises that this first preview of the new Spider-Man cinematic adventure has given us. Aspects that could have affected the number of viewings, although in the end it has not been the case, even causing the opposite effect.

It will be Spider-Man: No Way Home the first post-pandemic film to overcome the barrier of $ 1 billion? Everything points to the new film of Jon Watts together with Marvel you can do it. Remember that the previous delivery, Spider-Man: Far From Home achieved a total of 135 million views of its debut trailer in its first 24 hours, to achieve a total box office of 1,131 million dollars worldwide.

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