Spider-Man: No Way Home First Poster Appears On Melbourne Bus – Is It Real?

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A little over a month after its theatrical release, it has finally appeared a first promotional poster of Spider-Man: No Way Home by surprise on some buses in the Australian city of Melbourne. And it is that the third part of the adventures of the spider superhero of Marvel as part of the UCM is having a totally unusual advertising campaign, with leaks, rumors and confirmations even by some involved in the film along with a total absence of promotional materials more beyond the first trailer at the end of last August. But,this first poster is real de Spider-Man: No Way Home?

First poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home

Thus, the first information about the sighting of this first promotional poster of Spider-Man: No Way Home has transpired a few hours ago in Reddit, where the photo accompanying this news has been published along with the testimony of several people who claim to have seen the poster in different locations in Melbourne through public transport in the Australian city.

The image shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in one of his typical superhero poses, dressed in the Iron Spider and the mechanical legs of the back activated to face the tentacles of the Doctor Octopus, as we saw in the first trailer of the film. All this with a vórtice dimensional of what looks like New York City in the background.

Of course, both the image and the different logos that can be seen on the poster They look real, which would give veracity to the poster, in addition to the placement itself on public buses in the city of Melbourne, thus giving the kick-off to the advertising campaign for Spider-Man: No Way Home around the world. The only thing that stands out is that the pose de Spider-Man is exactly the same as that observed in a concrete frame from the trailer, with Spider-Man in a car.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to premiere in theaters next December 17, 2021.

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