Spider-Man: No Way Home Hot Toys figure discovers Peter Parker’s new powers

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All kinds of graphic information about the new Spider-Man movie from Marvel Studios continues to appear with Sony Pictures, Spider-Man: No Way Home, this time, through the famous brand of scale reproductions of movie characters Hot Toys, featuring the figure of Spider-Man and his new black suit with great detail, in addition to showing the new powers of Peter Parker that appear to be the work of Doctor Strange.

In theaters December 17, 2021

Thus, if recently Marvel presented several lines of toys and merchandising Spider-Man: No Way Home (from action figures to various Funko! Pop), is now Hot Toys the company that presents its reproduction to scale 1: 6 of Spider-Man / Peter Parker with his new black suit, an appearance of which we can already see all its parts in great detail, in addition to revealing the Spidey’s new powers that surely have a lot to do with Doctor Strange, a character that was already confirmed for the film.

This new suit is called Black & Gold Suit which, as he suggests, is based on the black and gold colors, plus some red details from the original Spider-Man suit on gloves and forearms. Although perhaps the most striking is a kind of bracelet that shoots magic cobwebs, accessory that seems to be accompanied by a magic symbol on chest instead of the spider logo.

Apparently, and if we pay attention to the toys and merchandising presented so far, Spider-Man will look, at least, two new suits in Spider-Man: No Way Home, in addition to the one we could see in the final part of Spider-Man: Far from home. What surprises will this new film bring us? Will it serve to open the door of the Spiderverse in the MCU? All answers next December 17 On cinemas.

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