Spider-Man No Way Home: Marvel Introduces Funkos and Toys with New Looks at Suit

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After the first leak of the new Spider-Man suit through the first Lego sets based on Spider-Man: No Way Home, own Marvel has published an official article in his Web page with the entire line of official merchandise from the film, including Funkos, action figures and others toys in great detail of its main characters, that is, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, MJ, Ned O J.J. Jameson, thus offering a fresh look at Spidey’s new outfits.

Theatrical release on December 17

From the new line Funko Pop! to the new collection Marvel Legends, as well as different toys such as action figures, vehicles, a mask and even a Spider-Man-style spray-throwing glove. Although the most striking of all is the unexpected advancement of the appearance of the characters, especially of the new spider-man suits, something that could well have been one of the claims of the trailers or even the movie.

Although Marvel has not specified that the designs shown are the end of the movie (since sometimes they are modified for the final premiere), it does give us an idea of ​​where the shots will go. A version of Spider-Man with Doctor Strange’s own accessories; What surprises will Spider-Man: No Way Home bring us?

Apparently, Spider-Man will equip to three suits with differentiated designs, one more cut classic, another reminiscent of Iron-Spider with the arachnic logo in gold and another of black color with the golden lattice. In addition, we see the aspects of other characters such as MJ, Ned or JJ Jameson, as well as a Doctor Strange who apparently will not change his appearance much compared to other films.

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We leave you with some of the new images distributed by Marvel. Spider-Man: No Way Home The December 17, 2021.

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