Spider-Man No Way Home: new images with Doc Ock and Doctor Strange as mentor

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It is one of the most anticipated films of recent times, since if the rumors and clues that those responsible are sharing are fulfilled, we may be facing the definitive aranicdo crossover in live action. So much so, that we will probably attend the meeting of the main villains of the different Spider-Man sagas in the cinema (the latest rumors seem to confirm lizard and Sandman), including the two previous cinematic Spider-Man. Now they arrive new images of its protagonists and behind the cameras through an extensive report by Empire magazine, along with new statements from Benedict Cumberbatch deepening his relationship with Peter Parker as Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man 3: new images of Doctor Octopus

As we know, Peter Parker will go to Doctor Strange to try to solve the setback of the revelation of his true identity, although the first trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home already left us some scenes that seemed face the wall-crawler with the sorcerer. Now, the actor himself has spoken about his relationship with Parker, pointing to something similar with Stark, although he assures that the relationship will go through different phases during the movie.

“There is a nuance to the Stark relationship. For starters, it’s not that intimate. Because of how experienced a superhero is, it’s a weird dynamic and it turns into something much more fatherly and corrective. And then it changes again”Explains the actor. Will we finally see a confrontation between the two? Could this be the dark version of Strange seen in What If …? We will have to wait until December 17 to discover all the secrets.

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Along with Cumberbatch’s statements, new images of the film arrive with Doctor Octopus in action alongside new snapshots of Spider-Man, one with MJ and one behind the cameras.

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