Spider-Man No Way Home: new posters with nod to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man

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Spider-Man No Way Home, the new and long-awaited cinematic installment of the arachnid superhero from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, features new posters with fresh glimpses of its main protagonists, including the villains. In addition, a new promotional image of the film arrives that hides a small nod to the Spider-Man of Tobey Maguire. Does this image finally confirm the presence of the two previous cinematic Spider-Man?

Premiere ahead of December 16 in Spain

Thus, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have shared up to three new images promotional posters for Spider-Man No Way Home, posters that show us unpublished images of its protagonists, as well as more details of the villains, including the presence of the Green Goblin from Willem Dafoe with a new suit that was already sensed in the second trailer of the film.

Two of the new posters focus on Spider-Man y Doctor Strange around the portals that the Marvel wizard is capable of summoning, in addition to the marked presence of the Doctor Octopus. In another of the new posters we also see MJ and the confirmed villains, again, with a large presence of Doc Ock’s metallic tentacles.

Although the most surprising image is the one that comes to us from a promotion of a subscription of products for dogs called Bark with a movie theme, which includes a new art starring the Spider-Man the Tom Holland and one of his new suits along with images of the Daily Bugle and what appears to be the mask of the Spider-Man de Tobey Maguire.

Finally, the movie theater franchise Kinépolis he has shared the news that Spider-Man No Way Home advances its release date to December 16, 2021 in Spain, one day ahead of schedule. As a curiosity, in other countries such as the United Kingdom or Mexico it has advanced to the 15th.

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