Spider-Man No Way Home: Shocking New Individual Villain Posters

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Spider-Man No Way Home, the new and highly anticipated movie of the arachnid superhero from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, continues with its promotional machinery at full throttle with all kinds of publicity materials, from trailers to short-term spots, passing through a multitude of posters with several of its protagonists. Although now comes the time for the villains of the film; and it is that those responsible have shared the individual posters of three of its main antagonists. And the images can not be more shocking.

New movie poster in IMAX format

Thus, up to three individual posters of the movie’s villains have been distributed, one dedicated to the Doctor Octopus, another for him Green Goblin and a third for the new version of Electro, waiting to have the individual posters of both the Lizard and the Sandman. Be that as it may, these are three images that leave us close-ups of each of them with great detail, all three with the Spider-Man Tom Holland from the back.

Beyond the new close-ups of Doc Ock and the Green Goblin from the Spider-Man movies Tobey Maguire, thanks to the poster of Electro It seems that it is confirmed that the Arc Reactor from Iron Man ends up in the hands of the character played again by Jamie Foxx, with a version of Electro very different from the one we already saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Along with the posters of the villains we also have other promotional images of the film, in this case, of the IMAX version of it, with Spider-Man wearing the Iron Spider with a background that seems to point to the distortion of reality at the hands of Doctor Strange. Spider-Man No Way Home the next December 16, 2021.

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