Spider-Man’s “love spell” that captivates the protagonist couple

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Everyone is fascinated with the love story that the protagonists of the franchise are living Spider-Man of Marvel Cinematic Universe: Tom holland y zendaya. There were many rumors around this couple that finally turned out to be true. They were seen in the streets of Los Angeles very passionate. But this isn’t the first time Spidey’s titular couple have fallen in love …

In 2001 the first entry of the hero in the cinema was being recorded, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. The actors fell into the “spell of the arachnid” and lived a love story that was questioned by the press. Some speculated that it was a montage to promote the film.

The spider’s love spell

The truth is that the couple enjoyed good times, but parted ways before filming the second entry in the arachnid trilogy, a fact that worried the director more. Sam Raimi. The filmmaker doubted that chemistry between Peter Parker y MJ was still present after what happened in the relationship of the interpreters. Fortunately Maguire y Dunst they proved to be great professionals.

Closed the chapter of Maguire y Dunst in the history of Spidey, a new series of films came to the cinema, directed by Marc Webb. In this case the protagonists were Andrew Garfield y Emma Stone. Peter Parker y Gwen Stacy. The love between them was born in 2011 and the couple established themselves as one of Hollywood’s favorites until their separation in 2015.

It seems that Spidey’s spell is powerful enough to woo all those who venture as the protagonists of the story of this beloved superhero. Is this a hidden power that he imagined Stan Lee for your creation? We don’t know but the love spell seems to be real

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