Splitgate launch delayed due to “beta server congestion”

Splitgate’s release was delayed after nearly 2 million players filled the open beta servers and the team had difficulty increasing server capacity.

The server overload was triggered by the release of the beta version of the game on consoles earlier this month. The Splitgate team shared via Twitter last week that it is working with players to increase server capacity.

Splitgate originally, of a period that included significant graphic improvements. It was then expected to be released in July. However, 1047 Games’ small team of four developers have delayed the game’s release date to August in order to increase the number of simultaneous players the servers can handle.

Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games, said in a statement, “Our team has been stunned by the incredible attention the Splitgate community has shown us. With the rapid and sudden increase in the number of players trying to access the servers, we need to resolve the numerous technical issues that have arisen. To provide you with a quality game and a good experience.” “We’ve worked hard to make sure the servers have enough capacity to best serve the entire community.”

Proulx also announced that the team was able to raise the $10 million funding needed to expand the game’s server capacity.

News by Kat Bailey.

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