SPOILER! Marvel kills one of its most popular superheroes in comics

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This is indeed a tragedy! Marvel readers are stunned by the death of one of the most popular characters in comics, so much so that he had his foray into the film industry. The reveal you are about to read is a spoiler, so we warn you of what your eyes are about to see.


At the end of King in Black # 2, the Venom series made by Donny Cates, we learn that Eddie Brock dies after a tough fight against Knull, the God of Symbiotes in Marvel.

At the close of the previous installment, Knull releases Eddie from the top of a building with no symbiote attached to his being to save him. Marvel readers thought Eddie would get rid of his tragic fate at the last minute, as is always the case in comics, but this was not the case.

Eddie Brock's death in the comic (Marvel)

Spider-Man is the Marvel superhero who tries to save him, but does not arrive in time. We then see Eddie bedridden along with the few remaining heroes who have not become Knull’s symbiotic creatures.

Iron Man shows up with a plan to get Eddie back on his feet, tying him to a symbiote from one of Knull’s dragons. Unfortunately, the symbiote overwhelms Eddie’s already fragile system and begins to spiral. Dylan uses his powers to destroy the symbiote, but it is not enough. Then Eddie’s heart monitor emits a long, continuous beep, confirming his death.

We still don’t know if Eddie’s death will be permanent in Marvel comics. We will have to wait for the publication of more comics to know the fate of Eddie.

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