Sponge Bob Square Pants – How Tall is He?

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Cartoons have played an important role in shaping and transforming the generation’s mindset. Some epic comics have never faded their charm and continue to bring smiles to our faces whenever we see them. This is the magic and beauty of old times. SpongeBob is one of the cute characters that has always surprised us with its different elements. A pretty square yellow creature is enough to keep you addicted to the show. But there is a lot to know about it. Let us know more about it in the further segment.

How Tall is SpongeBob?

Many sources claim that the height of SpongeBob has been the same in the last twenty-three years. Spongebob square pants is about four inches long or ten centimeters. Some characters are shorter than him. That makes him the average among the group. 

The weight of SpongeBob is approx two ounces. Some sources claim that the actual weight of the bob still needs to be determined because he expands and contracts too much. Many of his fans claim that it is a kitchen sponge. But more like it is also a sea sponge. Because the sea sponge varies from height three centimeters to over six feet tall, in this way, SpongeBob is an accurate fit for the sea sponge.

Spongebob’s Height Compared To The Other Characters

Well, it is hard to measure the height of the characters exactly. But from the data, we can put the lump sum results. Some stories about their size and other details could be more consistent throughout the show. Even in some episodes, Bob seems taller than the others who used to have a short height. 

When the show began, Spongebob was 13 years old. Till it comes to an end, he is 32 years old. However, he stays 10.2 cm throughout the show. He does not appear to have physically aged and nor do his friends. Because people are used to seeing him like this, and they have built a special connection with the character. It would be sad for people to see their favorite character aging. Moreover, the new generation of children like young characters. Those full of energy and charm for selling an old age character doing marvelous things like jumping, solving puzzles, and other youthful deeds may not buy them.

Patrik Star

Patrik is SpongeBob’s best friend. He is almost 50% taller than the sponge, making him a cute character in the story. He is about 6 inches tall. All of his height is because of his long head in the game. Patrik is the sea star, and his height fits very accurately among them. Sea stars come in different shapes and sizes. Their average height varies from three to eight inches. This concludes that Patrik falls within the accurate range. 

Patrik is two years older than Spongebob. It also makes sense that we generally stop growing after being teenagers. It also makes sense that despite the characters being best friends, they have justified their height difference.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward is nine years older than Spongebob. Squidward is an octopus, not a squid. His tentacles include all his height, and that also helps him give those long limbs. The size of the squid is around ten inches. Unfortunately, his height on the show is slightly off-range according to his species. The average height of the octopus varies from 12 inches to 36 inches. But he is two inches smaller than the range. But if we see, according to the show, his height is perfect because the rest of the characters also vary in this range only.  

If we see that, they might increase the height of the squid because it still has the scope. But the show is just the depiction of the characters. Squids generally have eight limbs. But here, the squid only has six limbs. But he still manages to be the same as the others. If they grew him in the further season, they might need to update the rest of the show’s characters too.

Mr. Eugene Krabs

Mr. Krabs is famous because of his eyes in the show. His body only contributes 3.8 inches to his height. Rest is the magic of his eyes. His eyes make him big enough to touch the 4.7 inches in the show. Crabs are very significant in his size. It can grow much taller, and the show perfectly portrays it in character. 

Unlike many other marine animals, crabs can grow in size. The range varies from millimeters to inches. Thus this justifies the tall height of Mr. Krabs. Compared to the rest of the characters, Mr Krabs is perfect in shape and size. 

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy’s cheeks are slightly taller than SpongeBob’s. She is eight months older than Bob, which makes the data fit her height. She is a squirrel, and the average height of the squirrel is 5.30 to 11.5 inches. But the height of the sandy only touches the corners of 5, which makes her quite smaller according to her species.

With all of her friends, she also lives underwater. Because of the high pressure, it is difficult for her to grow any taller. Thus this may be the end of her growing phase. However, it is difficult for any land animal to survive in an underwater area, but sandy being the squirrel can do all. All the other characters of the bob are limited to water species, but some other animals add a twist to the game and make the show more interesting to watch.

Bottom Line

The correct description for Bob is that he is cheerful and weird simultaneously. He is dedicated to his work and puts lots of effort into everything he does. From catching jellyfish to flipping patties, he can do both. What does not go in his way is his clumsiness. His brain is scattered in pieces, and he is absent-minded in all his works. Despite all these things, it makes him the most adorable character.

Bob generally annoys everyone who is around him. No matter the age difference, he is just the same for all. In every episode, he wants to impress someone, but somehow because of his nuisance, he puts all of his friends in danger. Despite all these things, SpongeBob is a cute character. 

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