Sponsored Tiles: Firefox tests advertising on the homepage

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Firefox gets new places for advertising. The ads called Sponsored Shortcuts or Sponsored Tiles appear on the home page when you open a new tab. It is still an experimental function that can also be switched off.

According to Mozilla, only a small percentage initially sees the advertising. How these people were selected remains unclear. The spaces on the home page are filled together with an advertising partner. Only one click on an ad earns Mozilla money.

Partner is currently adMarketplace. This is what it says in the Mozilla blog post: “Privacy is fundamental to Mozilla’s mission, and we only work with advertising partners who meet our standards for Firefox.” If someone clicks on an ad, the browser transmits “anonymized technical data” via a Mozilla proxy, the code of which is available on Github. The transmitted data does not include any personalisable information or identification options.

Individual tiles can be deleted. Each display has a three-point menu in the top right corner for this purpose. Behind it are the options of removing the ad, opening it in a new window or a new, private window and finding out more about the sponsor and your own privacy.

In order to delete the entire function, i.e. not to see any advertising, there is the option of preferences in the Firefox settings. The sponsored shortcuts can be deselected under Home.

Mozilla has struggled financially for some time. Last year, individual services had to be retired, and some employees were laid off – restructuring followed. To this end, Mozilla’s VPN recently launched in Germany, a service the company hopes to make money with.

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