Sports Betting in Canada: Rules and Strategies to Win

By: Ann Burdett

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Sports play an essential role in Canadian culture. We have a rich history of producing hockey legends like Wayne Gretzky, who paved the way for players today like Sidney Crosby. Soccer may not be as popular here, but soccer-related events are still broadcast on our televisions every summer when the World Cup rolls around. Sports betting, on the other hand, is a much more controversial subject. Many see it as a form of gambling and entertainment that the government should regulate and tax to ensure it does not lead to unsavory behavior. Others believe that sports betting is no different from playing the lottery or poker and should not be regulated in any way. Some even use sports betting as an opportunity to turn their gambling habits into a lucrative career as professional gamblers. 

Rules and Strategies to Win

1. Know the Rules

Before you even set foot inside a sportsbook, you must know how it works. The internet is an excellent place to start, but there are resources at your local library that you can use to learn more. You should read the rules and regulations regarding the type of sports betting they offer. Every book has different laws so before making a bet, make sure you know what’s allowed and what’s not.

2. Different Types of Betting

You have multiple options to choose from when you enter a sports book. You can place a straight-up bet on that day’s game or make another bet, such as a parlay or teasers. You can also bet on the number at which a player will score. For instance, you can pick the outcome of your team’s first-round draft pick in the NBA Draft.

3. Think Strategically

Sports betting can be fun and lucrative over time if you know how to gamble responsibly. There are many ways to make money with sports betting, but all of them require you to be an intelligent player. You can quickly lose your money if you don’t know the ins and outs of sports betting.

4. Stick With The Best

There’s no precise way to win at sports betting, so you must find the sport that offers the best odds for succeeding in your situation. Some sportsbooks offer better odds for certain games and events, so follow those sites if you want to maximize your winnings.

5. Go With Your Gut

The most important thing is to know when to quit. Stick with your plan unless you see a clear opportunity to turn a profit. Usually, this means that one of the teams is a heavy favorite, and you think they’re about to cover the spread. If that’s not the case, don’t get greedy and take your winnings so you can enjoy it on something else.

6. Know When To Cover Your Bets

One of the most important things for winning at sports betting is knowing when not to cover your bet. There are instances where the favorite is 28 points ahead of their competition. If they’re way better than your team, you should bet your stake so your team can win. Consider this a lose-lose situation because it will only hurt you if you lose.

7. Follow Your Heart

After reading about all the factors that make sports betting complicated, you may be tempted to avoid it altogether because it seems too risky and confusing. That’s okay! You can still enjoy the thrill of sports betting without getting addicted to it. You don’t need to get serious about it and become a professional gambler for sports betting to be fun for you.

8. Learn When To Walk Away

It is a tip that’s easy to follow but hard to give yourself. Try not to bet on all your bets at once, or you may be tempted to do it too often. Keep track of how much you lose, and try not to place new bets until you’ve recovered all the money you lost in the previous game.

9. Keep A Few Money-Making Ideas Under Your Hat

Some of the best things about sports betting are the various games involved and their odds, history, and matchups. You can make a lot of money with these because they have low odds of winning, and most people will not research them thoroughly enough to know the full dynamics that make the game unpredictable.

10. Remember, It’s Just A Game

As you get serious about sports betting, it’s easy to forget that it should be a fun hobby for you. Don’t be so competitive when it comes to betting because you don’t want your day ruined if you lose games or matches. Take things one step at a time, and don’t get too upset if you lose too many games in a row. Just focus on the next round, and you’ll notice that your gambling success will start to follow you.

11. Learn When To Walk Away

Another great way to keep your gambling success going is to learn when to let go of a losing bet. You should let go of a losing bet if it happens every time. It may take weeks or even months for you to notice the pattern, and in that time, you don’t want any money in your account. Just wait until the odds are correct before placing another bet and make sure it won’t be a losing one because they’ll ruin all the progress you’ve made so far.

12. Always Be Sure To Have All The Information

Although it sounds like something you should do all the time, you must remember to have all of your information with you in the sportsbook or online. You don’t want to show up to check a line and discover something has changed on the website. Many things can go wrong, and you’re far more likely to avoid them by being prepared.

Sports betting is a lot of fun. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house and watch your favorite sports while having money on the line. As long as you understand the rules, take things slowly, and manage your money well, you’re sure to turn a tidy profit from it over time. The main thing to remember as a sports gambler is always to be aware of the statistics and odds involved in your game. No matter how good you may think you are at guessing, remember that you’re probably only fitting about half the time. There’s no point in getting discouraged by betting against the stats and odds because they’re geared to give you a much better chance than just guessing.

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