Spotify behind the Google alarms bug, so you can fix it temporarily

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During the last few days there have been many users who have seen their daily alarm stop ringing and they fell asleep. Specifically, it has been a failure in the alarms programs through the Google Clock application on Android devices which has caused many users to lose their preset alarms. Well, Google has finally recognized the problem and is working to fix it.

Spotify update causes alarms to fail

The person in charge is none other than Spotify, the famous streaming music app installed on the vast majority of devices and that is not the first time that it interferes with the correct use of Google alarms on Android devices. According to the source of the news, one of the latest Spotify updates it would be the one to blame for these failures in the alarms set through the Google Clock or Google Clock app.

This tool is the one that Android uses natively so that users can set their daily alarms or even with repetition in time and that would have stopped ringing as a result of the arrival of this Spotify update. This problem affects those users who have set as alarm tone some of your favorite Spotify songs.

Something that happens as a result of the famous music app being updated on August 24, so there are many users who from that day have updated the app and have begun to find problems in their alarms. Google has already confirmed that it has detected what the problem is and is working to implement your solutionTherefore, it is expected that very soon there will be a new update to the Google Clock application that will fix the bug.

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Temporary solution

Although the definitive solution is to wait for Google to solve it, the truth is that until then it is possible to solve the problem in a very simple way. Taking into account that To do this, we only have to go to the application Watch of our Android phone, enter the Settings and then in the section Alarm tone, change our Spotify ringtone for one of the device’s own ringtones.

If you don’t like any of them, it is also possible to download some funny tones from certain applications and set them as the tone of our alarms, since the failure comes when we put a tone of any of the online songs that come from Spotify. This will only be necessary temporarily and until Google implements the solution in its Clock application, something that on the other hand it shouldn’t take long.


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