Spotify charts: this is what the new music popularity charts look like

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Spotify is one of the applications that is never lacking on a smartphone, or at least a music app in which to play a wide variety of multimedia content. But we have to focus on the green music app, where they have worked on a new website where you can find Charts of the most popular music on the Internet on Spotify Charts.

All graphics with the best songs in the world

Music is one of the things that unites everyone. Thanks to the Internet, culture has expanded a lot, and with the existing forums you will surely find more than one expert dedicated to a specific discipline. But experience not only determines whether something is a success or not, but also the numbers. This has also improved with all the data and counters we have on the internet and in Spotify have decided to offer them to everyone.

As you know, the application has an extremely large library where you can choose from the different themes that are new and those that are already on the market. It also offers you several proposals in the form of a playlist, where you can find the best of the best of the moment mixed with songs of your liking. But the company has gone further and created a website called Spotify Charts.

This web page acts as a reference directory where you can see all the top things you can listen to. The lists are made according to a lot of filters such as countries, genre, city or artist. You can see the most important topics of the week and they have even opened social networks so that you have access to the lists of the best topics of the moment throughout the world.

Spotify is moving forward despite the storm.

The music streaming service company continues to make progress in its development. As you can see, Charts will help you to know all the world news throughout the world. However, although users are happy with the service, the firm is not going through its best moment. This is because you have entered 15% less. Specifically, in fiscal 2019, Spotify entered 26% less than it obtained in 2018, so it is on a somewhat downward trend.


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