Spotify finally lets you block users

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All the social networks that you can install on your smartphone or visit from your browser let you both add and delete users. The decision is all yours, and you will have to be wise in those decisions, even now if you want your followers to take a look at the playlists you listen to. And this is what you can do if you block a Spotify user.

You can now block users on Spotify

Music apps can seem very easy to use at first glance and the safest thing is that you are not mistaken in this regard, as we will not do it if we tell you that you can contact people within their networks. And it is that you can find users with your same tastes with whom to share impressions of a new album of your favorite group.

However, what you need is not so much to talk to or connect with certain users, but rather the opposite. And it is that to block a Spotify user you will no longer need as many steps as you had to do before. Until now the process was the most tedious to carry out, so much so that you needed to contact the technical service to carry out this procedure. To make matters worse, this had its time, so it might take a while to prevent a person from keeping in touch with you.

Luckily, the whole process is streamlined in future releases. Spotify offers you the long-awaited blocking function that will not take so long for a process that for many applications is the simplest. Everything is as simple as going to the user profile, clicking on the button it has and clicking on the block user section so that it does not bother you anymore.

According to what he says Engadget In its lines, it is an attempt by Spotify to make the app a safer environment for everyone. Remember that the app already allowed to block a specific interpreter so that it did not appear in the mixes that the app makes for you or skips it directly from a playlist

The company has already started rolling out the new feature and it’s a matter of time before you have it at any time.


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