Spotify finally lets you rate podcasts

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Spotify is the trusted platform for many users looking for the latest in music trends. And it is that it displays a wide library of sound files that you have at your disposal in order to find that last hit with which to go to work, relax or motivate yourself. But recently podcasts have had a lot of acceptance, which you can already value.

You can finally give a Spotify podcast five stars

You may be one of those people who today continues to listen to the radio live, whether it is the news, a magazine, or the follow-up of a live game. But you may also have been attracted to that format in which you can recover a program that you have missed and can play it at any time. We are talking about podcasts, a format in which you can control the pace and timing of the broadcast.

This format is increasingly in demand and not only because of all the programs that you can listen to on the radio, but also because of the large number of content creators who have moved to put aside the audiovisual style to leave only the sound part. In fact, this is the only way they can upload their content to sound networks such as Spotify.

Today it is no longer difficult to achieve this, but for these users to gain more notoriety, you will finally have at hand the function of rating podcasts on Spotify. The company is beginning the deployment of this feature, which essentially consists of a classic five-star rating system for all those files that you have found good or that, on the contrary, you have not considered of quality.

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Afterwards, of all the evaluations, the application will average each and every one of the evaluations received to establish an average of all the evaluations received so far. The firm has said that this novelty will be available in almost all markets where this function is available, so it is only a matter of waiting to update the application and see if you can already put the five stars.


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