Spotify launches podcast subscription platform to compete with Apple

 Spotify (NYSE: SPOT ) launched a podcast subscription platform in the United States on Tuesday and plans to expand it to other regions of the world in coming months, a week after Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) unveiled a similar service.

A podcast author can now mark subscriber-only episodes and publish them to Spotify or other audio platforms, the company said in a statement.

Spotify, the world’s most popular paid streaming music service, said it will waive a commission from podcast creators’ revenue for paid subscriptions for the next two years, and expects to charge 5% of revenue from of 2023.

Online stores like the Apple App Store usually charge app developers for purchases made on their platforms.

Spotify filed a complaint two years ago with European Union regulators saying Apple’s charges for operations on its platforms were unfair because they made it difficult for rivals to compete for subscribers to audio content.

Apple competes with Spotify for streaming music services and earlier this month unveiled a subscription platform that will cost $19.99 a month and give creators the tools they need to deliver their podcast episodes.

Spotify has selected 12 independent podcast authors to post paid content to their current public profiles, and the company will also expand the program to more authors in the coming months.

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