Spotify: New function Blend creates a shared friends playlist

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With the new “Blend” function, Spotify wants to give its listeners the opportunity to discover new music through friends. In Blend, Spotify creates a shared playlist for people who are friends, based on their tastes. In addition, the friends should get an insight into their musical compatibility.

The recently released beta version The tool is now available to all users and is updated daily, according to Spotify. In order to use Blend, users have to click on the “Created for you” playlist in the search and from there “Create a joint mix”. You can then invite someone else to join who also has a Spotify account.

To set up Blend, select “Made for you” (Image: Spotify)

Most recently, Spotify introduced Music + Talk, with which spoken contributions created in Anchor can be mixed with music on Spotify. In contrast to Blend, a premium account is required for this.


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