Spotify tricks: How to change the image of a playlist

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Having a playlist on Spotify is very easy as a user of the platform. This is a feature in which you can group all the songs you want to listen to in a specific order. If you want to use the random mode later, it is up to you, but the truth is that whatever its use, you will have your favorite themes at hand. But you may have so many and the same artists that what you are looking for is a way to identify them all at a glance. For that, what you have to do is change the images of the Spotify playlist with this trick.

How to change the image of a Spotify playlist

You may not know it, but there is a way to change Spotify playlist thumbnails. It may sound like a simple trick, but it is something you may need when you want to find a concrete list. In the end, many users find what they need first because of an object that is easy to recognize on a visual level, so it is not a bad option to identify your playlists with an image.

The first thing you have to do is obtain the image, either by downloading or by doing it from your smartphone. Then you must follow the following steps.

  • Open Spotify on your smartphone
  • Go to your library
  • Enter playlist
  • Select the one you want
  • Click on the three points in the upper right
  • Press on edit playlist
  • Click on change image
  • Select one of the ones you have on your mobile device.
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The good thing about this trick is that it works for you whether you have an Android or iOS device, so you just have to follow the steps we have given you before and you would already have the new one. image in your Spotify playlist. Also, the only thing that will take you more time is to find that image that perfectly defines the list. Of course, you just have to follow the steps above and you will have everything ready to find that playlist you need at the moment.

But these steps are not only compatible with mobile devices. It will also help you if you use the Spotify app for desktop on your computer or the browser version. Exactly the same happens here, although you may have to do an extra step if you want to use a photo stored on your mobile (so we recommend the previous steps) or find the photos in the corresponding folder on your machine.


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