Spotify will show you music news like TikTok would

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Multimedia content is the most consumed by smartphone users. If you have access to the Internet, it is very likely that you can access YouTube or Twitch, two of the most important video apps of the moment. But if you just want to listen to a little music, you just have to download Spotify. In fact, the music app itself is being modernized with the uso of new music videos in vertical format in the purest style of TikTok.

Discover’s new feature makes Spotify look like TikTok

If there is an application that has caught the attention of users, we would be talking about tik Tok. Since its arrival, there are not a few who have succumbed to all the challenges that exist in it, not to mention the filters it has and the capabilities it displays at the editing level. The truth is that it is very complete and, as it has so many active people, it is almost impossible for the content not to be shown to the world.

But such has been its repercussion that even rival apps have tried to copy it in some way. Things have reached such a point that now it is Spotify that wants to put music vertical videos like the ones on TikTok. We explain ourselves, since everything is part of a new function integrated into the Explore or Discovery section as we see in the tweet that accompanies this text.

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As you can see, users will have in front of a small extract of the video clip that is playing at that moment. It has a small label or sticker at the bottom from which you can see the name of the theme as well as a small button from which you can like to add it to your playlists. Afterwards, the use is very simple, since you only have to slide up to go to the next suggested song or down to go back to the one that you have passed or want to listen to again.

More news coming to Spotify

The streaming music application is one of the most loved by users. In fact, the firm usually brings great news to its service and recently we have seen how it activated the function of reproduction in order within the application, something that even the artists themselves demanded. But in the case of this feature extracted from TikTok, it will still have time ahead for it to appear to all music lovers who visit it day in and day out as well.


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