Spotify will tell you when your latest podcasts and songs are out

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One of the things that the Internet has given us is the immediacy to know all the news on any subject. Social networks and media help in this work, as do their dedicated applications for mobile phones. But Spotify also wants to do their part to make music culture and audio entertainment spread faster. And it is that his new function ‘What’s new?’ It will notify you when you have a news of your interest.

Know what’s new on Spotify when they come out

One of the things that the content creators of any page or social network recommend to their users is the use of the ‘bell’. This function is used to notify you of when all the news of that channel or profile are coming out just when they do. That way you will not only have a problem knowing when the content you like is uploaded, you can also be one of the first to know it and, of course, comment and share it with the rest of the world. And on Spotify they want to do their bit with a new function.

His name is What’s new, which can be translated as Novedades or ‘What’s new?’. This novelty is housed in the upper part of the application, where you will find a bell that It will have a button that will act as an indicator when you have a news pending listening. You just have to press it and it will take you to a new section that will tell you when and in what order the latest news from the groups, artists and podcasts that you follow have come out.

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The function by default it will filter the news in order of arrival without discriminating the type of content. The only thing is that each novelty will drop depending on the arrival of the newest. But this can change according to your needs, and that is that you will have a section at the top of the list that will allow you to choose between music or podcasts, something that you will have to choose as a user.

Available in the next few weeks

This novelty with which Spotify will notify you when the last song of your artist has come out or the last podcast is all an advantage. You will not have to worry about uploading the content since the application itself will notify you when it is available. In addition, this feature will reach Android and iOS users in the coming weeks and, as we say, once it arrives, you just have to click on the follow button of your favorite profiles to make it work.


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