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Spy thriller fans, add Keira Knightley’s new Netflix movie to your watchlist now

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for fans of gripping spy thrillers. With new releases already out, like FX’s “The Veil,” and eagerly anticipated series on the horizon, including Season 4 of Apple TV+’s “Slow Horses,” Paramount’s “The Agency,” and Netflix’s new drama “Black Doves” starring Keira Knightley, there’s plenty to look forward to.

As an ardent follower of the genre, I acknowledge that Netflix has had its hits and misses in espionage dramas. Titles like “The Recruit” and “Fubar” didn’t quite hit the mark. Nevertheless, the streaming giant has produced some successful series, giving us reason for optimism about this latest addition. The stellar cast, featuring Keira Knightley and Ben Whishaw, adds to the anticipation.

“Black Doves,” created and written by Joe Barton, stars Knightley as Helen Webb. Helen is a seemingly ordinary mother and wife but also a professional spy. Her husband is a politician, and for the last decade, Helen has been feeding his secrets to a covert organization known as the Black Doves. Barton humorously shared that he began writing the scripts over the previous Christmas holidays, inspired by turkey sandwiches and leftover bottles of cream liquor.

The show’s plot thickens when Helen’s secret lover, Jason, is assassinated. Her spymaster enlists her old friend, portrayed by Whishaw, to protect her. Netflix describes Whishaw’s character as a “suave, Champagne-drinking assassin” who has been out of action since a botched job with dire results. Returning to a changed London, he is tasked with shielding Helen as she seeks to uncover Jason’s killer and the reason behind his murder.

Together, they embark on a mission that leads them to unveil a vast, interconnected conspiracy. This intricate web connects the dark underbelly of London to a looming geopolitical crisis, compelling them to confront the moral implications of their choices.

“Black Doves” is set to premiere later this year, and you can set a reminder to be notified when it’s available on Netflix. The show promises to deliver a sophisticated espionage experience.

Ben Whishaw stars as Sam Young in “Black Doves.” Image source: Stefania Rosini/Netflix

Source: Particle News, BGR