Squats on Netflix: what’s different from the original version

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Netflix did what seemed impossible and just re-released Occupy. This series arrived on Argentine television in 2000, at which time the country was immersed in a deep economic crisis that would collapse at the end of 2001 with the resignation of the then president Fernando de la Rua.

So this series created by a young Bruno Stagnaro, 27 years old at that time, puts on the agenda and makes visible what had been “hidden” in years of Menemism. Violence, social marginality are two central themes of this series that seeks to give a voice to those who did not have it and who unfortunately still do not have it today.

But also Occupy it is a kind of manifestation of friendship. In fact, its protagonists are four young people in their twenties who still do not know very well what to do with their lives, but they are still together and united in a house taken that will bring them certain consequences. Only 11 episodes were enough for the series to become one of the most emblematic of Argentina.

However, despite fan requests, there was no second season. Just as it happened in a similar way with another great series like The Simulators from Damien Szifrón, released only two years later, Stagnaro preferred not to continue the story. Now, 20 years later with several comings and goings, finally, the series can now be seen legally online and on Netflix no less. Of course, it has some changes. Sight.

Squats on Netflix: what are the changes

Rodrigo de la Serna is Ricardo (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix chose the Friends day (event held in Argentina every July 20) to re-launch Occupy, the series that captivated entire generations in 2000. But if you have already started to watch it, you will have noticed that the series has some changes compared to the original version, which aired at the beginning of the new millennium, on Channel 7.

After airing on different occasions after its premiere, Occupy it became a kind of viral phenomenon. Over time it was capturing a significant number of fans on social networks to form a fandom who kept uploading the chapters to YouTube so that other people could see them.

In Stagnaro’s own words in dialogue with The nation, perhaps, it was that very thing that moved him to work on this revival. “It didn’t bother me that the chapters were on the Internet, but when I started to see muted scenes and that the content was modified, I realized that I had to do something “, said the screenwriter.

Photo Credits: Netflix

Thus the new version was launched. Most of the differences lie in the song. The original series soundtrack featured a large number of international artists such as Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley or even the iconic American band led by Jim Morrinson, The Doors. Also The Rolling Stones, The Kinks Y The Beatles. And it had the songs of Argentine rock groups like Rabid fish Y Almond.

What happens is that with the new Copyright Law and the inclusion of music in audiovisual pieces, these artists were priceless. The fortune that the production had to spend to include them again in the remastering was impossible.

Photo Credits: Netflix

So when Stagnaro had the idea to do this revival he began to realize that these types of elements were going to have to be changed for a new version. It was then that he thought of He Killed a Motorized Police, a group from the city of La Plata led by Santiago Barrionuevo. This new soundtrack features 30 songs and maintains the quality of the previous one without a doubt.


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