21 Best Squid Game Memes

Even though there is only one season of Squid Game on Netflix, it has already given rise to more and better memes than many shows with multiple seasons. For some reason, this show is full of solid memes. Maybe it’s the constant drama or how much the fictional stories sound like real life, with poor, desperate people pitted against each other for money and death for the benefit of rich, evil, English-speaking VIPs.

Or maybe it’s the sneaky and disappointing evil that comes out of the people who take part. Like when they start breaking the rules of a game to trick each other, kill other players, or turn on the ones they trusted the most. Or maybe it was all because of that creepy red light, green light doll.

No matter what, the show has given us some good memes, so we’ve put together a list of the best ones. Hopefully, some of them will help you remember the show fondly and get over the trauma you went through while watching it.

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Biggest Plot Twists On Squid Game

Fans share their thoughts and feelings about the show on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. They also post funny memes about the show, ranging from being funny to being sad. Some people started watching the show because of the memes that the quickly growing fandom shared.

None Of Us Were

This Should Teach You To Be Always Aware Of What’s Going On Around You

The Squid Game Before and After

Squid Game starts on a pretty light note, telling the story of a father who has a lot of debt but still wants to be there for his daughter. From the name alone, you can’t tell what the story is about or that it takes such a strange turn until hundreds of people die in the first episode while playing Red Light, Green Light.

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When the game is over, everyone except Gi-hun is dead, and it’s easy to see why he’s devastated and full of guilt over all the bad things they did to each other during Squid Game. Fans felt the same way about the ending since many of their favorite characters died, and there was no chance of a happy ending.

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Just How Implausible Is This Show Supposed to Be?

Episode 6 of The Infamous

K-dramas are known for having plot twists that break your heart, but episode 6 of Squid Game, “Gganbu,” takes this to a new level. Many fans’ reactions to the episode were the same, and most of them showed someone crying their eyes out.

Even though the show was sad, this episode was the hardest on fans because several beloved characters died quickly. The attack was the real tear-jerker of the season.

Could This Be The Darkest Crossover Event In The Whole Wide World?

So Cold-Blooded!

Ali, Our Saviour

Saving This One For Future Job Interviews

In the first episode, when Mi-nyeo begged to return home to her baby, whom she hadn’t even named yet, fans felt sorry for her. But that will change when she returns and shows what kind of person she is: a mean woman who will do anything to win.

In Squid Game, her best move was to team up with the strongest or most intelligent players, and her catchphrase was “I’m good at everything except the things I’m not.” A Twitter user turned this into a meme to show how many people use a version of this phrase in job interviews, saying they can do everything asked of them until they show they can’t once they get the job.

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The Ending Everyone Wanted

This meme template is popular online, but it has a bit of a Squid Game twist this time. When Gi-hun learns the truth about the game’s creator, he finally decides to change his look. He uses some of his prize money to dye his hair red, buy new clothes, and buy a plane ticket to the U.S. to visit his daughter.

But when he sees that the games are still going on, he gives up on his flight, which many fans don’t like because he’s letting his daughter down again. The ending seems to set up a second book. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, fans are looking forward to what could happen in season 2 of Squid Game if it keeps going.

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