Squid game: Netflix sued in Korea for excessive internet use

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The Squid Game, the new sensation of Netflix At the level of popularity around the world, it continues to generate all kinds of effects at the most unsuspected levels. So much so, that a provider in South Korea has sued the streaming platform for causing a excessive use of the Internet. This is how he collects it Reuters, ensuring that the company SK Broadband has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for the excessive use of network traffic.

Historical maximum of Internet traffic

Thus, the SK Broadband company ensures that the series The Squid Game (Squid Game) is causing excessive use of the network, so they consider that Netflix should pay an extra fee to compensate for the increase in service costs, both for use and maintenance. So much so, that the demand collects data that suggest that Internet traffic has multiplied by 24 since May 2018, reaching its historic peak with the release of The Squid Game.

Even so, it is not the first time that Netflix has faced a lawsuit of this kind, although until now it has defended itself claiming that its function is offer content to its subscribers and not that of provide internet connection. However, in June there was already a ruling against it, forcing the platform to offer “something” in exchange for using the Internet as a means of distribution.

However, Netflix does not take the lawsuit lightly and ensures that it will value SK Broadband requests for its customers are not affected no way. Still, defense attorneys use the net neutrality principle to defend your position. We will see how this matter ends and if it opens the door to new similar demands in different countries.

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