STALKER 2 recoils and will not have NFT: “We have heard you”, official statement

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will not have finally NFT (tokens non-expendable). After the announcement of the study GSC Game World, which confirmed this Wednesday a partnership with the company specialized in the commercialization of products blockchain through the digital market, DMarket, the community reaction was resounding disagreement. The development team has returned the message indicating a complete change of plans: there will be no marketing via NFT within the game.

We have listened to you”Begins the statement, published on the social network Twitter at dawn this Friday. “Based on the feedback received, we have made the decision to cancel any type of aspect related to NFTs in STALKER 2”, states the message, which now adds more than 65,000 ‘likes’, which reflects the rejection of users who await this video game before the previous decision. Only twenty minutes before of the reverse gear had published an extensive message justifying and defending the initial position.

“The interests of our fans and players are the top priority for the team. We are making this game for you to enjoy; whatever the cost. If you care, we care. With love ”, ends the message, signed by the team in charge of development.

NFTs break into the video game world; speculative approaches

While they have not indicated anything regarding another recently announced side project, their metaverso (Stalker Meta), the statement is as clear as it is manifest: the intention to add non-fungible tokens in STALKER 2 is over. NFTs are unique cryptographic items, not interchangeable because there is only one unit of each of them. The criticism generated towards this type of tokens is not so much their existence, but the use that is being given; generally based on a speculative market in which the limits to set prices do not exist as there are no intermediaries. It is an unregulated market.

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Another company clearly involved in the NFT market is Ubisoft. This same week we have learned that company employees have questioned the decision of the French giant and the negative reactions they have from a large part of the fans.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic FPS action title by GSC Game World for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series with Unreal Engine 5. Its release is scheduled for next April 28, 2022; Available from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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