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Star Citizen has raised $400 million since 2012

Developer Cloud Imperium Games has so far raised a dazzling $400 million in funding for Star Citizen, its space trading and combat simulation game. The development period of the game has reached almost 10 years.

Star Citizen’s official website According to the report, this $400 million fund was raised with contributions from fans. Despite the sacrifice of its audience, the company still has not released the full version of the game. The funding campaign started in 2012. Bethesda released Dishonored in 2012 and Ubisoft released Far Cry 3. So the story is that old.

While it could be argued that Star Citizen’s delay was partly due to fulfilling the audience’s long wish list for the game, the game’s $63 million funding goal was completed in 2014, two years after funding began.

Last year, the creator of Star Citizen Christopher Roberts told fans he said that the features promised for the game a few years ago were not empty dreams and that it would not take another 10-20 years to become real. Since then, the developer has continued to keep fans informed of the latest improvements. CIG’s last update arrived on November 17th and contained a series of notes explaining what was done for the alpha version of the game.

Despite the briefing, fan reactions to the game peaked earlier this year. A Reddit user notifying the company to the UK Advertising Standards Agency, to which the company is affiliated He said that he was not transparent about the “kosept ship” sales. After a complaint that the studio was offering concept ships that were not in the game and did not state this clearly, the agency sent a warning notice to the studio, demanding that it be more transparent in the future.

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