Star Ocean: The Divine Force announced for PS4 and PS5

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The State of Play on October 27 focused on video games third party, most of them independent. However, Square Enix has announced a new installment in a much-loved saga. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a reality and will be released on PS4 and PS5. It has been presented through a first trailer, which you can see just above these lines.

The new Tri-Ace production is an intergenerational title that will see the light of next year 2022, as they have advanced in the video. According to information posted on the official PlayStation blog, the story will change depending on the decisions made by the player. They promise a quality character roster, freedom of flight, cross-sectional and three-dimensional exploration, as well as the fastest battle system in the brand.

The Double Hero system returns, so that the story will unfold through the eyes of two protagonists, two different perspectives. The first one will come from an advanced civilization (science fiction), while the second one will come from an underdeveloped planet (fantasy).

Final Fantasy XVI, a long-awaited delivery … ausentr

It was announced during the PlayStation 5 launch event, and although it has not been shown on more occasions, the study has provided little information. Naoki Yoshida, producer of the video game, has repeatedly repeated that prefer to take a cautious approach so as not to raise expectations or create misunderstandings. Anyway, the Japanese creative explained during TGS 2021 that Final Fantasy XVI still had a few quality of life improvements to implement.

Directed by Hiroshi Takai, the development of Final Fantasy XVI is more advanced than it might seem at first glance, although they did not arrive in time to present an official trailer at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. In recent statements, Yoshida himself spoke of the progression system. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series, did it in a conversation. According to the director of Final Fantasy XIV, the skill tree is similar to that of Fantasian, Mistwalker’s game for Apple Arcade.

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Final Fantasy XVI will go on sale exclusively for PS5, although it is a temporary exclusive. This time, however, it will not be an intergenerational product, as it will not be released on PlayStation 4.


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