Star Wars: first details of the series the Acolyte, a thriller set in the High Republic

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The Acolyte is one of the next series of Star Wars what is developing Lucasfilm in order to Disney+ as part of a universe of television adaptations that will complement the future of the film series in theaters. And his showrunner, Leslye Headland, has revealed numerous details of this new thriller starring women and set in the High republic, with themes like politics, the influences and inspirations and representation LGBTQ+.

Still no release date on Disney +

Thus, and through a recent interview with the medium AV Club, Leslye Headland has ensured that, as a Star Wars fan from a very young age, she has turned to different sources for inspiration, from the novels of the Expanded Universe a video game, in addition to role playing games o la film trilogy original. So much so, that Headland wants to bring that political touch that George Lucas has always kept in his movies.

“It is impossible to tell a story within your universe that does not have to do with something that the characters see externally reflected in what is happening in the galaxy in that particular time period. You know? That is another of the things we have inherited of the [George Lucas] and that we hope to continue reflecting in our work ”, assures the showrunner.

On the other hand, Headland declares Star Wars RPG fan and that bring a new point of view to the universe created for the occasion: “When people ask me, ‘What is your favorite movie? And what is your favorite means of communication? ‘ I say: ‘I love role playing games‘. For me, that’s Star Wars, being able to enter a universe and start playing. If you can’t do that with the movie, the TV series, the comic book novel or the video game, then I’m not sure you’ve done what you have to do as a creator of Star Wars material, ”says Headland.

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Finally, the showrunner has shared her point of view on the inclusion of the LGBTQ + collective in his series, in Star Wars and in the audiovisual industry in general, ensuring that it is an important issue and that in Star Wars has hardly had representation: “Having the power, when you create media, to include certain types of people who may not necessarily be in the usual content or media is simply … I know that for people who don’t identify that way, it doesn’t seem so important, but for us it is huge“Concludes the showrunner.

The Acolyte does not yet have an approximate release date in Disney+.

Source | AV Club


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